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Saturday, 17 December 2016

The National Pesta and Convention of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia known as ‘BB Pesta’ was first organised in 1966 at Kuala Lumpur. This camp was held bi-annually and Selangor State Council has been trusted to organise the 22nd Pesta with the theme “BE GOOD, BE GREAT, BE STRONG”. The BB Pesta was held from 17th to 21st December 2016 at HELP International School and HELP University, Subang 2. More than 1,900 participants from all corners of Malaysia including International participants from Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong joined this camp. For 1st Kuching Company, 8 boys and 6 officers took part in this camp. This year’s Pesta is unique as the Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of its formation in Pesta 2016.

Our journey started on the 16th December 2016, when all of us depart using the morning flight from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur. After we reached the airport around 12.00 noon, we took the shuttle bus to KL Sentral. Since the registration of the Pesta start at 7.00 pm onward for International and East Malaysia guest, we spent the whole afternoon exploring the bustling metropolitan districts of downtown Kuala Lumpur. After dinner, we took the charter bus from KL Sentral to the camp site. By 10.00 pm, we officially registered into the camp and were directed to our dorm.

On the 17th December morning, the registration process still continued until 12.00 noon but this time only for West Malaysia guest. We see more friends from West Malaysia arrived at the camp site. As breakfast was not provided, we have to look for our own and we are very lucky as the food stalls are nearby to our camp site just distance walking only. After breakfast, we decided to explore the surrounding areas. By pure chance of luck, we had the opportunity to ride on MRT, a new Mass Rapid Transit rail network that had a station close to our camp site. We spent the morning gallivanting along shopping malls close to the train stations. After lunch, we used our uniform and get ready for opening ceremony which was held in the campus car park. The ceremony started with the Guard of Honour followed by the speeches, then performance and lastly marched passed by each contingents that participated in this Pesta. After dinner and wash up, we gathered at the Main Hall to attend the evening service in English and Chinese language before supper and light-out.

On the Second Day, we started with an hour of morning devotion after breakfast. Due to the lack of space, two services are held simultaneously: one in English and another one in Mandarin. After devotion, we proceeded to nearby basketball court to watch the drill competition. This time, campers sat outside the fenced perimeter watching each team marched forth into the field. Three army officers have been appointed to be judges. After lunch, campers gathered at the main hall to watch the singing and dancing competition. Due to the lack of space in the hall, campers have to squeeze themselves for three hours in order to enjoy the performance. After dinner and wash up, campers returned to the hall for brass band competition. This time, the problem of insufficient floor space for campers was compensated with a live telecast of the event to nearby campus lecture hall. Throughout the night campers watched as each competing band group performed familiar yet fresh tunes of music pieces on stage.

On the Third Day, we started our activities with breakfast followed by devotion. After that, we get ready for Inter-platoon games. This games have always been the main highlight of every Pesta and we are required to wear our platoon t-shirts. Two types of games have been introduced by the organising committees called Station Games (played by platoon squad) and Outflank (played by platoon). As evening fell and the games closed for the day, campers proceeded to the canteen for dinner. What is special about dinner was that the food trucks were present at the camp site. Campers need to use the coupons provided to purchase their own meal from food trucks. A wide selection of food and drinks were available. After dinner, we proceeded with our last activities for the day called Youth Rally. A local church youth group was invited to lead us in the Rally. Many campers were touched by the stories that they shared about their journey in Christianity faith. The night ended with heart of rekindled faith to the Lord.

On the Fourth Day after we finished our breakfast and devotion, we continued our activities with Station Games and Outflank Final until lunch time. After lunch, we polish up our uniform parts and get ready for the Closing Ceremony Dinner. Since the site is remotely far from our campsite, shuttle buses ferried campers over at regular intervals. By the time our Company arrived at the Setia Convention Centre, Shah Alam, it was approaching 4.30 pm. With more than two hours to spare, we decided to explore the vast public garden and walks around the Setia Shopping Mall before proceeding towards the main convention centre for the final event of the camp. By 6.30 pm, the highlights of final event were started. Few programmes have been arranged by the organisers such as showcase performance by our fellow members; presentation of Special Awards to members and officers; and prizes presentation for the winners of each competition (Drill, Singing, Dancing, Band and Platoon Games). The closing ceremony ended with the announcement of the next host for Pesta 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, followed by group photo taking sessions.

On the 21st December 2016 (last day), we woke up early to pack our bags and clean the dorm before leaving for Home Sweet Home. Well, apart from all that the 1st Kuching Campers had much fun especially during the fourth day night after the Closing Ceremony dinner where we are able to exchange some souvenirs, phone numbers and social networks addresses with one another. Overall, the camp was great fun, enjoyable and very memorable. It is rare to see so many BB members from different companies, countries, cultures and backgrounds gathered in one place. It showed that how strong the BB spirit prevailed throughout the camp.

The Team with campers from Indonesia and Philippines

1st Kuching Campers




Playing Bubble Ball

Food Truck


Dancing Competition

Picture 11 Picture 10Cultural performances by Indonesia Campers

Picture 13
Picture 12
Singing Competition
Picture 14Picture 15Picture 16
Youth Rally
Picture 17Picture 18

Drill Competition

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