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Friday, 2 February 2018



 Sunday School held the annual Christmas gathering for the children on the 9th December 2017 from 2pm onward at the Parish Hall which was decorated the night before by teachers and volunteers.
IMG-20171126-WA0005(2) IMG-20171208-WA0052 IMG-20171208-WA0053 IMG-20171208-WA0054IMG-20171208-WA0050

Registration started at 2pm with 74 children registered for the celebration, some accompanied by the parents making the number to 120 participants including the teachers and helpers. The children were given name tags and were divided into 8 groups identified by the coloured ribbons and led by a leader.
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After Canon Gregory Chambers recited the opening prayer, a group photo was taken with the children, parents, teachers and Bishop Aeries.
DSC09731 DSC09735FW7A1616 FW7A1683

There were 8 games stalls each manned by a teacher. The children from every group participated in every game.
DSC09732 DSC09733 DSC09736 DSC09737 DSC09738 DSC09739 DSC09740 DSC09741 DSC09742 DSC09743 DSC09744 DSC09746FW7A1619 FW7A1620 FW7A1623 FW7A1627 FW7A1633 FW7A1634 FW7A1637 FW7A1639 FW7A1641 FW7A1658 FW7A1668 FW7A1669 FW7A1672 IMG-20171209-WA0016 IMG-20171209-WA0025 IMG-20171209-WA0026 IMG-20171209-WA0027 IMG-20171209-WA0028 IMG-20171209-WA0029 IMG-20171209-WA0030 IMG-20171209-WA0031 IMG-20171209-WA0032 IMG-20171209-WA0034 IMG-20171209-WA0036 IMG-20171209-WA0037 IMG-20171209-WA0038(1) IMG-20171209-WA0039 IMG-20171209-WA0040 IMG-20171209-WA0041 IMG-20171209-WA0042 IMG-20171213-WA0007(1)DSC09756DSC09757DSC09758

Bishop Aeries said grace for the food and drinks and the children and parents enjoyed the food which was set up earlier.
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Sister Jennifer wrapped up the celebration by reciting the thanks giving prayer. Gifts were presented to the children, helpers and teachers and all went home happily after the event ended at 6pm.
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