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Guidelines For Preparation of Marriage

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Guidelines to help couples who wish to have their Marriage solemnized at St Thomas’ Cathedral, Kuching

 1.         PRELIMINARY

It would be wise if you consult a priest who is licensed to officiate the marriage ceremony even for preliminary consultation. This should take place not less than two months before the marriage ceremony to give you ample time to fulfil both the requirements of the government and the Church. Clear all possible impediments with regard to government and church requirements. The date of your marriage could be discussed and fixed during this time. It is advisable to print your invitation cards or fix your wedding day only after you have done the above requirements. You and your fiancé / fiancée should make a special effort to attend a Marriage Preparation Course before your marriage.


Before your intended wedding you need to obtain a License to Marry (Borang KC02) from the National Registration Department (Marriage Section).

Fill the relevant particulars as required by Borang KC02 and Statutory Declaration (Akuan Berkanun).

To obtain the license, you need to bring along:

The original copy of your Identity Card and Birth Certificate;

A photocopy of your Identity Card and Birth Certificate;

A recent passport-size photograph of yourself;

If you are from another country, you may need to bring along a legal certificate (Statutory Oath from your country’s Embassy / Consulate) to state that you are free to marry.

Once these are done, you submit them to the licensed priest for further discussion on the rite.


Bring the endorsed Borang KC02 back to the LICENSED priest at least 4 weeks before your intended wedding.

At this stage, the following are required:

 All documents listed in Item 2 above;

Receipt from Registrar of Marriage;

Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate;

Photocopy of Confirmation Certificate;

Photocopy of the Identity Card of two witnesses (two Anglicans) both at least 21 years old and preferably not immediate members of your family;


 If you are printing your Wedding Booklet for the liturgy, the draft copy must be vetted by the priest at least two weeks before printing;

Observe some Rules and Instructions to Florists/decorators when decorating the Church pews;

No photographer or video cameraman is allowed in the sanctuary during service;

No confetti is allowed inside the Church;

Flower petals are only allowed at the Narthex; and

Be punctual for your wedding service;

 5.         DAYS & DATES TO AVOID

 1st January, Fridays, Sundays, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Easter Monday, 1st May, Advent, December 20th – 25th.


 If you are under 21 years old, your father must go with you to the Registrar’s Office at the National Registration Department (Marriage Section) to sign Borang KC01D to endorse the parental consent of your marriage.

Note: For girls above 16 but below 18 years of age, permission is required from the Chief Minister through Borang KC01B.


Your marriage banns will be displayed over a period of three consecutive weeks at the Cathedral’s Notice board, published in the weekly Pew Bulletin and announced during Solemn Liturgy on Sunday.

9.         APPOINTMENT

For appointments with the licensed priests, please contact the parish office.

Note:   It is culturally meaningful if Anglicans have their marriage solemnized at their own parish church in the presence of their own family members, relatives, and friends.


In the Cathedral we have three priests who are authorised/ licensed by the Government to officiate at Holy Matrimony and issue Marriage Certificates as Assistant Registrars, namely, the Dean, the Rev’d Canon Gregory Chambers and the Rev’d Louis Then Jit Seng. However, we are not allowed by the Law to solemnize marriages involving non-Malaysians.

We can only bless such marriages after they are solemnised by the Registrar. For those contemplating marriage or blessing of marriage in the Cathedral, they must see the Dean or any of the clergy first in order to fix the date and time. Only then can you book the hotel or restaurant and send your invitation cards. Weddings or blessing of marriages are normally conducted on Saturday.

As our Standard Prayer Book, The Book of Common Prayer reminds us, “All the Fridays in the year, except Christmas Day and the Epiphany, and the Fridays in the Octaves of Christmas, Easter, and the Ascension”, are “All the Days of Fasting, or abstinence, throughout the year.” More Importantly this guideline is also highlighted in Surat Sambiang and Kitab Sembahyang. Thus, solemnisation or Blessing of Marriage should be avoided on that day as it always involves celebration and feasting.



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