St. Thomas's Cathedral Kuching

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150 Years of The Anglican Church In Borneo


  “The Eight Bells of St. Thomas’ Cathedral”


The 12th of June 1956 was a day of great joy. On this date a new Cathedral was consecrated, and eight young priests from the House of Epiphany received ordination. The day will never be forgotten: the Iron voices of the bells praise the Lord in the names of those ordinands forever:

Oscar Sindon – Peter Radin – Michael Lim – Ambrose Dunggat – Alfred Chabu – Arnold Puntang – James Gungau – Edmund Paling


Daily Services in The Cathedral

Morning Services   6.15 a.m. Except on Wednesday
  6.30 a.m. Wednesday
Holy Communion   6.30 a.m. Except on Wednesday
  5.30 p.m. Wednesday
Evening Services   4.00 p.m. Except on Wed. and Sat.
  5.00 p.m. Wednesday
Sunday Services   6.45 a.m. Holy Communion in English
  8.15 a.m. Solemn Liturgy in English*
  10:00 a.m. Holy Communion in Chinese
  5:30 p.m. Evensong in English with Sermon and Holy Communion
  • In Bahasa Malaysia on 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at the Parish Hall.
  • In Iban on 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month at the Parish Hall.

Parish Office Hours

Monday to Friday   8.30 a.m - 4.30p.m
Saturday   8.30 a.m - 12.30 p.m
Sundays and Public Holidays   Closed
Prayer Meetings Clergy (every Friday)   9.00 a.m - 10.00 a.m

Infant Baptism

  • In English : 1st Sunday of the month
  • In Iban : 3rd Sunday of the month
  • In Chinese : 4th Sunday of the month