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St. Thomas’s Cathedral Kindergarten 2017 Graduation and Prize Giving Day

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

St. Thomas’s Cathedral Kindergarten held its graduation and prize-giving ceremony at the Cathedral’s McDougall Hall Parish Centre on Thursday, 23rd November 2017.
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Forty three kindergarten pupils graduated to complete their preschool education. The session started with singing ‘NEGARAKU’ followed by Opening prayer by The Rev’d Canon Gregory Chambers and speeches from The Head Teacher Mdm. Alice Hill, The Parents’ representative Mr. Winsel Jonnes, The President of the Board of Management, the Right Rev’d Bishop Danald Jute and the Chairman of the Board of Management, Dean the Very Rev’d Michael Buma Galami. 

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DSC09374Among those who presented the prizes to the students were the President, The Right Rev’d Bishop Danald Jute, the Chairman, Dean The Very Rev’d Michael Buma ,  the Board members, , Mr. Lawrence Siaw Hock Kee, Mr. John Chow Dai Yong, Mr. Robert Tnay Chuan Soon, Head teacher Mdm. Alice Prisca Stanley Hill  and teacher Carol Nadia Bilas.

DSC09384 DSC09409 DSC09410 DSC09411 DSC09412 DSC09413 DSC09430 DSC09431 DSC09495 DSC09497 DSC09498The students presented a dance “Xiao Lau Shu” led by teacher Helena Spacel, Pom dance and Exercise “Better When I’m Dancing & All of Me” led by teacher Marina and teacher Sherilewis, sang “Song of Praise” led by teacher Carol and Teacher Alice and the last dance “Bailalo & Bollywood” led by teacher Erica and teacher Eda. A slide show was shown before the presentation of the certificates of Attendance.

DSC09518 DSC09519 DSC09520 DSC09521 DSC09522 DSC09523 DSC09524 DSC09525 DSC09526 DSC09527 DSC09528 DSC09529 DSC09530 DSC09531 DSC09532 DSC09533 DSC09534DSC09535 DSC09536 DSC09537 DSC09538 DSC09539 DSC09540 DSC09541 DSC09542 DSC09543 DSC09544 DSC09545 DSC09546 DSC09547 DSC09548 DSC09549 DSC09550 DSC09551DSC09552 DSC09553 DSC09554 IMG-20171124-WA0010The ceremony ended with presentation of the certificates to the graduating pupils by The President , The Right Rev’d Bishop Danald Jute and Chairman, Dean The Very Rev’d Michael Buma.

The closing song “ A Beautiful Day ” was sung by the graduates and  teachers. All present sang “SARAWAK IBU PERTIWIKU” and finally, refreshment was served.

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