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Sunday School Trip To Logos Hope

Saturday, 18 April 2015

By Kelly Allison Daly ( Sunday School Helper)

 Yes…Saturday,18thApril 2015… finally we were going on board the Logos Ship again. The much awaited and anticipated trip was finally here. There were about 80 Sunday School children, parents, helpers and teachers who went on that trip to Logos Hope.

We gathered at the New Parish Centre at 8:30 a.m. where we had registration and name tags were given to the kids for identification purpose. We were divided into 5 groups consisting of 10 kids with three teachers and helpers assigned to each group.

We started off with a short briefing by Aunty Natalie about what to do and what not to do on that trip followed by a short prayer by Sister Jennifer. We boarded two busses to Pending where the Logos Hope ship was berthed.

There was much joy and excitement when we reached the port and boarded the ship. All of us were brought into one of the ship’s meeting halls for an interesting program hosted by some of the ship’s crew.

The program started off at 10 am with a lovely and lively dance by the Logos team who were all dressed in colourful costumes. Then the hostess for the event named Kylie welcomed and briefed us on the programme and gave us a briefing about the ship and instructions on what to do in case of emergency.

Kylie, whom we later come to know is from South Africa and was dressed as a beautiful butterfly, started off the programme by inviting the children to participate in a game. The game was about a caterpillar that turned into a beautiful butterfly and was participated by children from different churches.

Then Kylie taught us a story about a caterpillar that was so interesting. We learnt that God will always love us no matter who we are or what we have done wrong. We are still God’s children. Then it was time for games again and singing time. She taught us a new song and some new actions. All of us participated in the action song.

The programme ended at about 10.45am and we proceeded to the bookstore and the cafeteria. There were many books to choose from and some of us bought souvenirs and books as a remembrance of our trip to Logos Hope. We also had the opportunity to try the ice cream and popcorns sold at the cafeteria and even get free balloons from the Logos crew.

Finally, it was time to go back. We assembled and took a few photographs before boarding the bus to go back to The Cathedral. While we were on the bus, the teachers gave us more popcorn to share. We were asked to go to the New Parish Office where we had closing prayer, were given healthy and delicious sandwiches and drinks. What a great way to end a wonderful and memorable trip…!!!

We had a great and enjoyable morning in Logos Hope ship and will definitely be looking forward to another trip. The children, teachers and helpers of Sunday School would like to thank the Logos team, the PCC and not forgetting our beloved parents for giving us the amazing opportunity to visit the Logos Ship.

We thank God for the fine weather and also for keeping us safe throughout the trip.

Children Program at  MV Logos Hope

John Lembat Badis (11 years old)

On Saturday, 18th April, 2015, my Sunday school friends, teachers and I attended the Christian Children Program on the MV Logos Hope.

During the one hour program we heard stories, played games and sang a song.

The first story was about a caterpillar.  The caterpillar went through a difficult process before it could fly as a butterfly. It had to squeeze out of a tiny hole in its cocoon.  Seeing this, a boy tried to help the caterpillar.  He cut opened the cocoon so that the caterpillar can easily get out and just go and fly.  But the caterpillar cannot fly as a butterfly. The story ended with the explanation that in our lives we too go through difficulties but this does not mean that Jesus does not want to help.

Then we played a game to experience the change from being a caterpillar to a butterfly. I participated as one of the caterpillars in one of the teams.  We had to slip into a sleeping bag and crawl to the end of the room to pick up and wear our wings before running back to the starting point.  Our team won and received a prize.

The second story was about a 10 ringgit note.  At first the facilitator asked us if we want the money.  We all shouted, “Yes!” Then she folded the money into two and asked us if we still want the money. We all shouted “Yes!” again.  After that she continued and crumpled the money, then rolled the money into a ball and put it into her ear, then she threw the rolled money on to the floor and lastly covered the money with mud.  After every action she would ask us if we still want the money and each time our answer was always a yes. Then she ended by telling us that in whatever state we are in,  Jesus still wants us.

Then we played another game depicting the movement of a caterpillar and ended the program by singing a song.

Before going back to Parish Hall we went to the bookshop.  It was a very interesting trip and program.  I had lots of fun and look forward to visiting  MV Logos Hope  again in the future.

Darlene (Pri 4; 815am)

 I am from the 8.15am Sunday school class. I was very excited that Sunday school was taking us to the “Logos Hope” on 18th April 2015.

We were divided into five groups. There were two teachers and two youth in each group to look after us. They accompanied us in attending a special program in the ship. Teacher Jennifer said a prayer before we boarded the bus at 9.15am.

The leader of the program was from Africa. She told us a story about the cocoon and the butterfly – its struggle for life.

We also played games.

After the program we went to the bookstore. I bought a key chain and I wanted to buy an ice cream. I did not get my ice cream because the queue was very long. However, on the bus we were given popcorn.

We returned to the church at about 12 noon. We were treated to a very nice sandwich and a Yakult drink.

Teacher Natalie said a thanksgiving prayer. We enjoyed the trip and went home happily.


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