Welcome to

St. Thomas’s Cathedral

To be a Church which Lives and Proclaims in Words and Deeds the Good News of God’s saving love in Jesus Christ


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the St. Thomas’s Cathedral Kuching!

We are finally on the digital age. Praise God. It has indeed taken a pandemic to move us passed the normal tradition to the new age. A big thank you to the team behind this website who have taken a lot of initiative and creativity to not only have this up but completed with the history of the Church – the first Church in Sarawak. We are part of the story in the Brooke’s era and are still associated with the Family who runs a foundation here in Kuching.

The Cathedral started our online broadcasting since the start of the MCO (Movement Control Order), with the first service on 22 March 2020. We are thankful for the talents in the Diocese who came forward to “put things together”. Since then the Media Team has been set up with volunteers helping every week. When congregational services resumed on 28 June 2020, more volunteers were called in to ensure that SOPs are adhered to. The Cathedral has added on more services but within the number of congregations as allowed by the guidelines. We praise God seeing the church coming together as one for the services – working with one another, worshipping together.  Pre-registration is required for those who attending services, while those at home who needs assistance in any way, please contact the Parish Office.

I started off the year with thanksgiving knowing that 2020 will be a great year. I will continue praising God as He is in control and is at work despite the pandemic. How do we connect then as a Church despite the restriction in movement and physical contact – be involved. Come forward and let us know the areas you can serve. It can be as simple as being an usher, financing the Cathedral’s ministry, be the audio man, contributing stories and articles for the website or even visiting a family or a church member who are not able to come to church. Have bible study with the elderly. Pray with one another. It is in my heart to reach out to those who are not in the digital age and those affected financially and emotionally – thus I seek your love and fellowship with these parts of the community.

Let’s end this year with us intentionally reaching out to another.

The Very Revd Kho Thong Meng

Dean of St. Thomas’s Cathedral