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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Youth Carnival 2014 can be considered a small historical event of the Cathedral Parish because it was the first ever to be done here. Before the Carnival was held the committee has laid out its purposes, targets and goals. Since this write-up is done even before we get the reports of all the participants, I don’t know whether we have achieved those goals. I don’t think that we have achieved the target of raising RM50,000 from the event. However, there are a few things, which have been exceptional. First, I was awed by the responses and support of parents and adults who were present throughout the day. The members of the WF worked in shifts to look after their stalls to ensure constant supply of food and drinks for the patrons. By the time the event closed at 11.00 p.m. most of the crowd was composed of elderly people. The young ones, who were mostly students, had gone home early because many have to sit for the school exams the next day.

The expenses were somewhat beyond my expectation because we could not get all the sponsors needed for the rental of the stage and canopies. Fortunately, many people have come forward to offer their services for free, especially all the bands and artistes who have entertained the evening crowd. A few of the band members have to travel all the way from Miri and Bintulu on their expenses, just to participate in the event. In addition to the bands, we also received a few surprise participants – the Rolling Thunder from the Sarawak Big-bikers Club. They and the Bradir Country Riders (BCR) were big favourites,not only among children but adults as well. Two outside stalls were not in the original lists but we welcomed them to participate. There were surprises here and there throughout the day, and best among them was from YB Robert Lawson Chuat who has pledged a grant government of RM10,000 to the PYF.

There were also disappointments and mistakes, but those were to be expected because this was the first time we organised an event of this nature at the Cathedral premises. However, I am generally happy with the planning and organisation of the event, even though we could have done better. I am thankful of the support I received from the Dean, fellow clergy& the PCC. I also want to thank the PYF, the WF, the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigades, the members of the Chinese-speaking Congregation, the 6.45 a.m. & 8.15 Choirs, the Servers’ Guild, the BM Ministry, House-group members, Confirmation candidates,the members of the organising committee,for the Staff and students of St. Thomas’s Primary & Secondary Schools and St. Mary’s Primary School, and various individuals of the Cathedral Parish for their support and hard work.

I am also thankful for the participation of people from outside the Parish, especially the PYF from St. Faith’s Church and the Blood Bank from the Sarawak General Hospital.

May God bless you all.

Rev. Canon James Juhari

(PYF Adviser & Chairman of the Carnival Organising Committee)


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